Digital Photo Gallery for Events

Trusted for over 10 years by major brands around the world, DPG helps you collect, organise, store and share photographs from your event.

Our unique workflow streamlines the process of receiving images from multiple Photographers, making sure that crucial information and metadata is captured at source and attached to the file. 

You can build websites to share your best shots with the world in beautiful galleries which are optimised for all devices and always ready for heavy traffic. You can make client sites with downloads to share with the press or use them internally amongst your team. The image you want is always at your fingertips when you need it. 

The problem

If you organise events, you'll know that images and video are one of the key parts of promotional materials you return to all year round.  

A music festival can generate thousands of photos across multiple Photographers each day, but how do you collect and store all those files? Usually, the answer is email attachments, memory sticks with images titled things like DSC0087_AK-3302 or piles of hard drives full of disorganised folders, that aren't backed up and can’t be easily accessed when you need them most. Finding what you need is tricky, curating a group of images is a hassle and photo credits and licensing information can be difficult to trace. 

Zip files shared with clients or the press inevitably expire and are requested to be uploaded again and again (and again), months after the event. Surely there must be a better way?

Our solution

With Digital Photo Gallery each Photographer you work with has their own user login with access to your account. They can upload their high-resolution images either live from the event or immediately afterwards. Photographers can add information such as titles, descriptions and keywords to record all that crucial data as soon as possible. We use metadata to create photo credits and attach them to images so that you can always trace them back to the creator.

Images are in one place for you to view, moderate and share. You know what you’ve got and where to find it.


Gallery websites

You can make a variety of different gallery websites, configured for your specific needs – all in one account. Sites are straightforward to set up, easy to customise with your branding and simple to update.

  • Internal team galleries


    Internal team galleries

    Gather imagery from all of your clients and brands in one place and make it easily accessible to everyone in your company or team. Download high res or perfectly resized and optimised versions for marketing and social media.

    Take advantage of keywords, metadata and search so you can always find what you need. Effortlessly organise and store hundreds of thousands of images.

    Account admins can approve or remove team members any time. Website users don’t have access to your DPG account, so you know your original images are safe.

  • Public photo galleries


    Public photo galleries

    Public galleries show off the best of your event. Event-goers love browsing through galleries on their return home, or being inspired by the imagery when planning their visit. While your event may only last a short time, a beautiful photo gallery works for you all year round.

    Keyword tagging and search give visitors a great experience, whether they’re casually browsing or looking for something specific. Sites are responsive and images are optimised for performance based on the viewer’s device.

    Galleries are easy to set up as a standalone addition to your existing website and you can use your own domain.

  • Password protected galleries


    Password protected galleries

    Any of your sites can be placed behind a password or login screen so that you can control who has access.

    Comprehensive security options allow you to create user logins and email them directly to users, allow user signups and immediate access, or user moderation. View a list of users and revoke access any time. Track image downloads and monitor search terms to make sure that your visitors are finding what they need.

  • Press download galleries


    Press download galleries

    Use press sites to distribute images to media contacts in a variety of preset sizes, with all the appropriate photo credits and licensing information attached.

    Make it easy for press to find and download the images they need, without having to send endless zip files (though we can do zip files for you too, if you want them).

You've invested in gorgeous photography, it deserves to be beautifully presented. 

You've invested in gorgeous photography, it deserves to be beautifully presented. 

Live Event Workflow

One of the benefits of using DPG over a basic gallery plugin is that it also provides a framework for live event coverage. An easy to follow workflow means that Photographers can spend more time capturing incredible images instead of organising folders and worrying about file transfers. 

Our unique workflow utilises keywords, metadata and automation to quickly and efficiently organise images. 

Photographers can add information to their photos inside their editing software (or directly in DPG if they prefer). Photographers know who or what they’re shooting, so they’re the best people to provide context. 

Keywords are also used to organise website content, with our specially designed gallery pages which populate automatically on upload with no additional work. 


Choose which images make the cut, tailoring the content to your audience. Adding and removing images is as simple as adding to a folder, so you don’t need a developer on hand to make changes to website content. 

The same image can be added to multiple sets or websites, there's no need to duplicate files.

Content moderation

While Photographers upload their photos directly into the system, their role as users only allows them to interact with their own work. 

Editors can be granted the role of admins to moderate content and choose what’s seen in galleries by press or the public. Your press officer can choose the images for the press site, while a picture editor selects what goes live on the public site.

You can even grant access to third parties like artist reps or managers to review and approve images from any device, whether they’re at the event in person or not.

Error checking

Prevent mistakes by flagging common file issues on upload. You can configure alerts to catch common mistakes such as uploading in low resolution or in the wrong colour space, to warn Photographers of any problems straight away. We can also flag and remove duplicates. 

Helping you catch errors while still on-site means that they can be fixed quickly.


Seeing the galleries come together provides massive motivation for the whole team. Seeing what others are shooting and how your work contributes to an event or gallery feels awesome and is very helpful. Photographers can see how their edits are fitting into the gallery, check export settings and feel proud and confident that their images are properly credited and looking fantastic in the gallery for everyone to see. Photo credits can link back to photographer websites or social media so they get the credit they deserve.

For other members of the team, seeing images appear in real time means they can do their part more efficiently, as well as provide feedback and direction as the event goes on. 



  • Information

Used by the best

We have over 10 years of experience working with world-famous events. With some accounts total storage running into the hundreds of thousands of images, we're ready to take on anything. We're incredibly proud of our architecture and love seeing that sites built at the start of DPG still perform well today.

Our sites are hosted on our tried and tested scalable servers and we’re always prepared for sudden traffic spikes which can happen directly after an event or when tickets go on sale.

We're always learning from our users and how they take advantage of the system to make improvements and add new features. 

Room to grow 

Our tiered plans are upgradable so you can start small and expand as your events grow. Fixed costs mean that you always know where you stand and can budget for the year ahead. 

If you run more than one event, you can create multiple websites in one account, gathering your images in one central place and adding users to see only the content relevant to them. 

We don't charge for additional users, so everyone on your team can have their own logins with different permissions for their level of access.

Full setup and training

We have comprehensive guides to help you through every step of the setup process, from building sites to briefing photographers.

We offer a range of startup packages which include account setup, website builds and full personalised training. We can even be on hand at the event, either in person, over Slack, or video conference. 

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you get started. 

Searchable archive

Search your account or search-enabled websites for images by title, description and keywords. 

Zip archives

Create downloadable file archives to share via short link or send directly by email.

Automatic keywords

AI powered keywords which use machine learning to analyse the image and identify the content.

Duplicate image handling

Find duplicates in your account and remove them. Enable duplicate detection to receive a warning when attempting to upload a duplicate on upload. 

Native video

Use MP4 video in the same way as images across the whole system. 

FTP Uploads

Upload to your account via your choice of FTP client. 


Automatically add watermarks to web versions without destroying the original high res files. 

Copyright and usage terms

Use metadata to add copyright and usage information to your images and display it on websites. 


How are plans structured?

We don't limit features for the sake of it. Plans take into consideration storage (the total space your images take up) and bandwidth (bandwidth is used every time your images are viewed on the web or downloaded). 

Some of the more advanced features which are necessary for large teams and live events are not available on the Standard plan, so we suggest that teams and events start on the Advanced plan or above. 

Plans are designed to allow you to upgrade as your account expands, so there's always the possibilty of upgrading.

Is there a limit on the number of users per accont?

No, we don't limit our accounts by users so you can add as many members of you team as you need to. 

Do you support video?

Yes, you can use MP4 video files in the same way as images across the whole system. 

Digital Photo Gallery brings together powerful image management and effortless website building for Photographers, teams and organisations.

Get started.

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