Simple yet powerful shop websites.

Create a beautiful and professional online shop. Ecommerce is fully integrated with our image management features, perfect for selling prints or any other products you may have in mind.


Simple sales

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    A simple way to sell online

    Our sales features go hand in hand with DPG’s image management. As always, your photos are at the heart of the system. To make shoppable items you create products to attach to your images. ​The same image can appear in your portfolio and your shop – all in the same account.

How it works 

We provide the system to build a beautifully designed shop website, create products, and track your sales. We've done all the hard work of secure payment integration so that all you need to do is link your PayPal or Stripe account to your shop website.

We know our strengths - powerful image management and creating awesome websites. We don't have any interest in competing with the leading online payment providers who do a great job. That's why we let the experts handle the money.

This way you get the best of both worlds: secure payments handled by a trusted name and great shop designs and easy to use sales features from us. Perfect.

Shops are included in all of our premium plans. There are no limits on the number of products you can create and we don't charge any extra fees on your sales.  When you make a sale your takings appear directly in your PayPal or Stripe account. The profits you make are all yours*. 

*Payment provider fees may apply, view PayPay and Stripe documentation for full details. 

Product pages and cart

Beautifully designed modern layouts to showcase your products and a professional cart to contain the order. 


Full checkout page with shipping, taxes, payment provider selection and customisable fields including opt-in Terms & Conditions and Notes.

Secure payments

Use Stripe and/or PayPal integration to process customer payments. Accept credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Payments and more.

Order confirmations

Automatically send order confirmation emails to customers showing all of their order details.


The Template

We’ve created a special template to make it easy to create your shop, whether it’s your first attempt at selling your stuff or you’re a seasoned pro ready for something a bit more customisable.

The template takes advantage of our ecommerce features and gives you multiple layouts so you can choose how you present your products.

Read more about Dedicated Shop.

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We've created a special template to take advantage of our ecommerce features called Dedicated Shop. It's highly configurable and offers multiple layouts so you can choose how best to present your products.

Learn more about Dedicated Shop.

Whether it's your first attempt at selling your stuff or you're a seasoned pro ready for something a bit more customisable, our sites are simple to set up and maintain. 

View our step-by-step setup guide.


Demo sites

Click through to see some live examples of shop sites you can create.

You can even make more than one shop in your account. 

You can even make more than one shop in your account. 


Sales Features

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    Unlimited products

    Create as many products as you like. Add multiple variations such as colours or sizes. Add titles, descriptions and additional information to tell your customer all about your item.

    Keep track of your products and prevent overselling with inventory tracking. Enter the number of items you have in stock and the quantity will automatically count down until the item sells out. Ideal for limited edition items.

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    Discount codes

    Create custom discount codes to share with your customers for flat rate, percentage and free shipping discounts. Codes can automatically become active and expire on a certain date.

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    Product discounts

    Apply percentage reductions to selected products, showing the previous price and highlighting the saving.

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    Shipping rules

    Define shipping costs based on conditions such as destination country or minimum order value. This means that you can set quite specific shipping costs for different items or customers based in different countries.

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    Product status

    Label products with a status visible on the product page.

    In Stock items are available to buy now. Coming Soon items appear in your shop, but can’t be added to the cart. Pre-Order items are available to purchase and you should provide customers with information about when they’ll receive them. Items labeled as Sold Out both manually or automatically through inventory tracking can’t be added to the cart.

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    Tax rules

    Apply completely configurable sales taxes to orders based on a set of conditions such as customer billing or shipping country.


Which plan do I need if I want to create a shop?

All of our paid subscriptions include sales features, so most users need the Standard plan.

If you need some of the more advanced sales features then you'll need the Advanced plan or above. 

How do I get paid for my sales?

All payments are handled by Stripe and/or PayPal. You'll use your own account with each service to access your funds directly.

Which currency can I sell my products in?

You can currently sell in GBP £, USD $ or EUR €. If your desired currency isn't available, please get in touch with us. 

Currency is selected per shop, you can't mix products in different currencies in the same shop. 

Shops are just one part of Digital Photo Gallery.

You can manage your image archive, deliver work to clients and create beautiful portfolio sites, all in one place.

Get started.

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